Shaken (Mind Reader, #1)

Shaken (Mind Reader, #1) - Susan Hatler

3 and a half stars.

I really liked the book. It hooked me from the beginning, because it started somehow like a chick lit to me (and I am a huuuge chick lit fan). Kylie is a likeable heroine, clumsy with social life - especially boys- and intelligent at school. The action with the mind reading starts pretty quickly, thank God, and she accepts it pretty well. As one would, if shaken hands makes one read minds. Then she is in the middle of this adventure to save a little girl, who turns out to be her relative. Helping her is this really cute, handsome guy named Trip. Another character I also liked. Actually, I want to read the next volume of this series. It is promising. I hope Kylie will not forgive her bitch-supposed-best-friend and adopt Drew instead.

The negative points of the book: the edition. Sometimes the writer repeats the same sentence or expression too quickly, like, in the same paragraph. And another thing is that I, being a non-English speaker/reader, couldn't figure some acronyms/abbreviations out. For example: PDA. What is that? It would have been nice to have a "Note from author" for these matters.