Lady Sophia's Rescue (Traditional Regency Romance Novella)

Lady Sophia's Rescue (Traditional Regency Romance Novella) - Cheryl Bolen To be a novella, it was OK. They say that novellas are supposed to be short and rushed. That is a lie. I have read novellas where the pacing was good, and nothing seemed rushed (Romantic Vignettes: The Anthology of Premiere Novellas). In this story, the love between Sophia and William was not believable to me. Why did William fall in love with her? Only because of her beauty, and of her "past": she was posing as a smuggler, but he noticed she was a Lady. And the same in her case: he was also beautiful, and a gentleman. But they did not spend too much time together to know each other and fall in love. It was not convincing. The other thing is that, to me, Sophia was dumb. She married Lord Fickle, and right after say "I do", she despises him and runs away? But luckily for her, Destiny takes care of that and eliminates her husband in a second.

So, it was not a bad novella; actually, I read it pretty fast. I enjoyed it. But it was lacking that 'something' that makes Regency stories so memorable.