Black Butler, Vol. 8

Black Butler, Vol. 8 - Yana Toboso The manga is so violent now, too much blood. I feel so sorry for little Ciel; his past is so dark. When he was in Sebastian's arms he looked so fragile.

But then, his decision about all members of Gelvin's house... that was disturbing, and so coward of him. Who the hell does he think he is? Only because he went thru so much, and terrible stuff, and because he is the master of a great demon like Sebastian, he does not have any right. I don't understand his decision at all, and it made me almost dislike the manga... I was so obsessed with this manga, and now... It was horrible.

It started to get a little better when Nina showed up, the measurement's scenes was very funny; however, I cannot forget what happened to the Joker and all his friends.

Maybe I need to take a break from this manga. Actually I am feeling a little depressed with all the events that went thru.