Black Butler, Vol. 11

Black Butler, Vol. 11 - Yana Toboso Sebastian certainly is weird and vain! His story about the black cat was so funny! He is so crazy about cats... and that he had to show up in his most humiliating appearance when he was 'dead'! hahaha, and he certainly moved a lot during the case; Ciel makes him work so hard. But that scene of Ciel crying over Sebastian's dead body... arghhhh it was just acting :(

It was a surprise that Arthur C. Doyle was told the truth; but again, it was a nice twist, showing him then in the future, as the great writer he was.

And the appearance of The Snake... I was like WTH! I was so willing to leave that volume behind (everything that relates to the circus). Thank God, so far he is harmless and came to work as a footman in the mansion.

Then, the chapters in the ship... Lucky Lizzy, making Ciel happy. Finally Ciel takes a couple of days as holiday, going into a ship with Lizzy's family. It was strange to see Sebastian dress up (or should I say, combed in that way) to enter the society.

And then... WTH! The Phoenix Pose! Ciel and Sebastian making the Phoenix Pose! That was so unexpected it was funny. Actually, there are several funny moments in this volume: Viscount Druitt (every one of his scenes are great) flirting with Ciel! Ciel saying Sebastian is his father! And it was great the appearances of the Undertaker, as usual, and a new Reaper, Ronald Know.

Next volume: Zombies! This manga is so unexpected.