Something About You (FBI, #1)

Something About You (FBI, #1) - Julie James

Maybe I am not into contemporary romance... or maybe in this case, cliche did not work. But the book is not as good as I thought it would be. Everything was just too cliche:

- "Tough" guy, who then gets so smitten with the heroine that he loses all his toughness.
- Heroine in danger who must be protected by Hero, when there are a lot of other good cops.
- Best friends: the gay friend, and the neurotic girlfriend.
- Big misunderstanding between h/H, which made them "hate" each other.
- Pure lust that is supposed to be "love".

And there is actually no mystery in the book. We know who the killer is right from the beginning, we know what he thinks, what his next moves are gonna be, everything. Truth is, whenever I was reading his parts, I got bored.

I am not saying the book is bad. It was enjoyable, it was "OK". But I am pretty sure that, maybe in the next couple of weeks, I will forget almost everything about it. There wasn´t any memorable scene or quote or character. Perhaps I should stick to historical/regency romances instead of contemporaries, where, it seems, it is all based in lust.