Black Butler, Vol. 12

Black Butler, Vol. 12 - Yana Toboso Zombies and two Shinigami in action... WOW, that is definitely a synonym for awesome story. So there are a hundred of zombies in the ship, luckily Sebastian is not alone. Lizzy's familiy is great as swordsmen! Her mother is amazing, I liked it when she and Sebastian fought next to each other, and then, when even she had to admit he was good.

When I saw Grell's boots... awwwww I was so happy! I love Grell! It was weird to see him fighting against Sebastian, when in the anime they are allies. "Sebas-chan" !!! Just looking at him I laugh. And that weird scene of Grell and Ronald Knox... WTF! It was hilarious.

OK, so Lizzy is not the useless girl out there. She deserves to be in a swordsmen family. Even so, I still think she is annoying. She is definitely not my first choice as Ciel's wife. At least, she is handy when it comes to dangerous situations (unluckily, as I am part of several forums of Kuroshitsuji, I already knew her secret, so it was not a surprise).

So, aside from Awesome Grell, and the fights against Zombies, and the fights of Lizzy and her family, there are some nice pictures of wet Sebastian and his beautiful hands (awwww I love his black nails, they are really sexy). This image makes me drool every time I see it:

wet Sebas-chan, with shirt open