Undertaker Riddle, Vol. 2 (Undertaker Riddle, #2)

Undertaker Riddle, Vol. 2 (Undertaker Riddle, #2) - Akai Higasa I am not really sure where I am because I am reading this manga online, but I just finished chapter 7th. The manga looks kind of yaoi, but it is actually a shounen-ai. There is adventure, power, a lot of flirt on the older guy's side, and none-existence of female characters.. only in the last chapter appears a girl.

First of all, the story and style of art is kind of similar to Black Butler. The story involves a contract between the Undertaker and Hayato. The Undertaker is pretty, but his only resemblance to Sebastian is the interest he has on Hayato. Riddle is more flirty, teases Hayato a lot, and also touches him a lot too.

Hayato is the 'Ciel' in the story. Only that this boy is 17-years-old (but looks like 13). I was surprised to met his brother, who looks a lot like Sebastian! But his brother is younger (WTF, he does not look younger). There is also a guy who is like an inspector... and who basically looks like William Spears AND who is in the habit of adjust his glasses (just like William Spears).

The general idea is nice, but I have the same feeling as when I was reading Loveless... there are a lot of thing that does not make sense, and Hayato looks kind of useless... like Undertaker could do better with a more accomplished partner.

As a fan of Black Butler, I will continue reading this.