Orange Marmalade - Seok Woo My first manhwa, and I loved it. It is sweet, funny, touching, beautiful... everything! I feel a little silly because the first 3 pages I read I did not understand it at all: I was reading it from right to left and just the 3 first images (like it is with manga)... and it turned out you have to read it from left to right AND just one chapter was all in one page! AND the drawings are in color, how awesome is that! Seriously, the sunset... the streets... the neighborhood... all looks real and beautiful. I had trouble memorizing the names though.

Ma Ri was a totally cool Girl (main girl character). She was a loner, but very tough and mature. Jung Jae Min, as the Boy... WOW, one of my favorite Boys I gotta say! He was a misogynist until he got that hickey from Ma Ri. And he was sooo obsessed with her; he even became a stalker! He was really, really sweet and patient!

And about the other characters... I have to say I liked all of them, even the Bitch. She was so funny! trying to get Jae Min to notice her, or trying to get revenge on Ma Ri. Ma Ri's friends... awww, super sweets, even if at the beginning Soo Ri was like that towards vampires.

I want to read sooo much the following chapters! It ended kind of a cliffhanger. This manhwa is definitely very, very recommended. To me, this has a Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Volume 1 feeling: true, in this one, the Girl is a vampire, but the story is about friendship, first love, jealousy... just like in Kimi (although I've never wanted to punch Sawako; while I wanted to shake Ma Ri so many times! She was so cold towards Jae Min at first, and then, so impossible to reach). Beautiful story and art.