Poison Apple

Poison Apple - RobinRocks,  Narroch Abandoned. For the second time. And not because the fanfic is bad... But I will probably finish it later.

Ok, it is a little weird for me to review a fanfic I did not even finish. And seeing that there is no another review about this in GR is kind of intimidating. But I have to review it.

How did I end reading this? I looked a list of "Best Fanfic Ever" or something like that here, in GR. Seeing that it was about L and Light, and in the top 3, I knew I had to read it. It started really good, from where L and Light are chained to each other already. Then and there were references about some Disney characters. So far, so good. Hey, I am a big fan of Death Note, and also a huuuge fan of Disney (after all, I visited Disney like, 6 months ago).

Then, it started to go all yaoi. I was like WTF! Seriously, I have never, EVER thought of L and Light as a romantic character. It is kind like imagining, I don´t know, James Potter and Snape having an affair or something. It is wrong. It is weird. It is a sacrilege. Hello! We are talking about the 2 greatest, cleverest, ALMIGHTY characters ever in an anime/manga. So I had to stop reading for an hour or something when L (freaking L!) confessed to Light that he may be in love with him.

But I could not stop. So I continue reading it. And then I got to the part that made me abandoned the book for the first time. I have already put this story in the Abandoned-shelf. What happened?

L Lawliet, the greatest detective ever, one of the characters I love the most, was raped. I know, right? WTF! First he was undressed (obviously). But if someone was watching me while I was reading he was undressed, this someone will have seeing me blushed. Seriously, L naked? Again, is like imagining... I don´t know... Dumbledore naked. It is like a sin or something.

So OK, I dropped the story for about, 2 days. Then the curiosity got over me, and I had to continue reading it. And again, I was WTF! That same day, L raped Light! WTF! I stopped reading it again for about... 2 hours. But I had to continue reading it, even if, to me, the author was painting L´s image totally wrong.

And after the two of them were raped by each other, they become lovers. It should be again WTF, right? No, actually, the story began to get totally creepy, weird, and (not knowing what other word to use) great. True, I was annoyed to read that L was supposed to be sadistic, robot-like, but the story is so psychological, and creepy, just like the manga is, that I even got used to his supposed behavior.

First, I was a little shocked when I read that they even fight for who had to be on top and who underneath. Geez, I even felt kinky reading it. Almost like when I read my first book of V.C. Andrews, or my first yaoi. You will think, "What! L and Light doing it? It is impossible. How could that ever happen?". Ok, ok, I get that girls may have been confused with the "rain" scene. It was sad, and somewhat romantic. And the whole thing about them being chained to each other. But not to think they were lovers! All I thought when I watched the Rain scene was, "Mmmm they care for each other as friends, but they dislike each other as L and Kira". That was all... No "awww they will be a great couple!" thinking.

And then I read this fanfic, and it totally changes my mind about everything. The thing is RobinRocks does not create a new story, she adds things that could have happened "behind doors". Of course, everything they do is secretly. When they are with the others, the story is exactly as it was in the manga/anime (I don´t know about the rain scene. I did not get to that part). Behind doors, they were lovers, and completely crazy about each other, both in the good and bad way.

So why did I abandon this story again? Not because it was not good, oh no; quite the opposite. It is not like I will never read it entirely. I will... but not now. The thing is, I got to the part where L dies. I read and watched his death not too long ago... maybe 2 months ago or something. I am still shocked, and mad... and sad. So I am not ready to read AGAIN his death. Maybe, not this year, but next year, I will finish the fanfic and post my complete review... and who knows? I´ll rate it 4 or 5 ****