Number, Tome 1

Number, Tome 1 - Kawori Tsubaki The art is very similar to Undertaker Riddle, Vol. 1, or any CLAMP manga. The plot is about a guild of assassins, and our hero, Riko, is Number 5. He hates Nr 1, Tekirai, who killed his family. Another rival is Nr. 4, Sakura, who just wants to mess up with him. Riko has one friend, Mizuto, who is always healing his wounds. Their relationship is kind like the one of Oz and his friend (don't remember his name) in Pandora's Hearts have I think.

I still do not understand very well the plot. They are all assassins, and of course, rivals, but even if they are in the same Organization, it seems they all want to kill each other. There is a tree, who symbolizes life, and a hierarchy within the guild.

I have a weakness for dark-haired, cool, red-eyed guys, who don't get flustered by anything, as Nr. 1 seems to be. I think that, most because of him, I will continue reading this shounen-ai in the future.