Drunk Text

Drunk Text - seventhswan Not as nearly good as the other 2 fanfics I read so far, but it made me laugh several times. Gunnar was a crazy main character. He has always being a big jerk, playboy, self-confident... the kind of gouy I would hate in real life. At least he is aware of his jerk-ness, and he is OK with that. Until one days he wakes up and finds this text. He is willing to forget about it and erased it. How ass can he be? This proves it: the night before he had wild sex with a guy, and he just shrugs his shoulders and that´s it.

But he cannot forget it. And slowly, he starts to remember pieces of the great night. And this is where the fun part begins. He embraces his new sexuality and starts acting girly, totally crazy about his new lover, Vance. He finally gets his own medicine. His incredible friends, Jon and Cara, have to handle his grumpy moods only because Vance did not call, or because Vance does not want a relationship, or because Vance vanished, etc. It is so fun the way he reacts; I laughed so much.

Too bad that towards the end it went a little melodramatic. The plot was so light and funny, and then... But the fanfic is worth to read it, just because of crazy-girly Gunnar and his two friends. What this fanfic lacks comparing to the other two amazing I read (Poison Apple and The Student Prince) is that I did not find the main couple cute nor sweet nor romantic. No friendship here, just lust... a looot of lust. Vance was an OK hero´s love interest, cause we do not get to know him very much.