Not Time's Fool

Not Time's Fool - FayJay

After reading the amazing "The Student Prince" I had to read something else written by FayJay. The Student Prince left me wanting more, and I may not be kidding myself when I say it was probably my favorite "book" of the year. So I looked into her other works, and I found out she had 3 other fanfics: one about Draco/Harry (this one was a BIG NO. How could I read a love fanfic about Harry freaking Potter and Draco freaking Malfoy? Ewwww... It is totally wrong); other is about Gerard Way (I was never really a fan of My Chemical Romance... the only song I like is "I'm not okay") and the third one is a Dean/Sam fanfic. Not many choices, but I grabbed this one.

Oh boy... How disappointed I am. And it is not because the fanfic is boring or bad or anything. Actually, it was kind of similar to "The Student Prince". Sam reminded me of Arthur. He was possessive (with all the "You are mine") or the way he looked at Dean. If I have to be honest, I sighed a lot of times cuz it reminded me of Arthur and his devotion to Merlin ***sighs again** Oh Arthur....

But the thing is, I felt awkward most of the times while I was reading it. Reasons:

- Dean was turned into a girl! How awkward is that? I watched the 2 first seasons of "Supernatural", so in this case (unlike Merlin, show I have never watched until I read the fanfic) I had Jared and Jensen´s faces in mind. And although Dean was a girl, I imagined Jensen, only in a girl´s body. WTF right? I tried several times to avoid that image, but it was impossible. And the writing was not helping either, cuz even if it was "Deanna", the author still referred to him as "he","his", etc.

- Dean was a sex-maniac. Ok, I get that in the TV show, he is kind of a flirt. But in the fanfic, he was screwing (or trying to) girls, men, boys... WTF right? Dean in a girl´s body screwing around with any gender.

- Dean and Sam´s....errrr, love story. While Merlin/Arthur´s love story was just meant to be and funny and sweet and romantic, this one was AWKWARD. And I find funny that while I was reading it, I remembered "Flowers in the Attic" and the author also mentioned it in the story. Yikes, incest. Never have been a fan of that. And worst of all, I had Jared and Jensen´s faces in mind. AWKWAAAARD....

One thing is certain: I really like FayJay´s writing. Her POV are amusing, and she knows how to make the main character look nice. And how to create such a sexual tension between the two heroes. I hope she writes more fanfics, but chosing better her main characters.