Moonlight Dancer

Moonlight Dancer - Deb  Atwood First, I want to thank the author for letting me know when this e-book was free on Amazon. You were very kind Mrs Atwood!

I wanted to read this book because I am very interested in everything that relates to Japan. And lately, Korea has caught also my attention (mostly because of manhwas and of this fabulous girl band 2ne1). And this book has a mix of both cultures, how great is that? There are a lot of cultural mentions, which made me learn more about these two exotic countries.

Kendra, the heroine, is half Korean. And Hiro is Japanese. They meet in a store where Hiro works. Kendra instantly feels this attraction for this doll and she buys it. But the doll hides secrets, and our heroine gets possessed by a ghost, which wants her to listen to her story and help her. The whole thing with the ghost and her life was intriguing and interesting, and also, a little sad.

I liked Hiro a lot. He is the kind of romantic interest I am looking for lately: nice, sweet, protective, intelligent, strong, AND Asian! On the other hand, I could not get to like Kendra. First of all, she has this past with a boy who made her 'mistrust' all men. So at first, she tries hard not to get involved with Hiro. But it took him what, a few days to kiss her and immediately take her to bed. In the same day. In the same hour. So where were her supposed issues with men? And it is like we do not get to know her. I wondered a couple of times why did Hiro fall in love with her? Besides her beauty, she was kind of bland.

Recommended to all people who likes ghost, drama and these two amazing places, Japan and Korea.