Bridesmaid Lotto (McMaster the Disaster #1)

Bridesmaid Lotto (McMaster the Disaster #1) - Rachel Astor Among the reasons I enjoy reading chick lits are that I love to read the adventures of an ordinary girl with whom I can sympathize or relate, the love story between the H and h, the secundary characters, the funny moments. And I could not find almost any of these things in this book.

Josie McMaster, or as she was known in High School, Disaster McMaster is our heroine. She wins the chance to participate as one the Bridesmaid of one famous girl who is going to marry the brother of one of the most popular actors Jake Hall. Josie did not enter in this lotto because she wanted. Her mother, who seemed to be like a Godmother at the beginning of the story, made her do it in exchange of a 3 months holiday in Greece.

As she starts to go to these parties and to know Jake Hall, she starts to write her Diary, which to me, was so forced. It was like to make readers feel connected with her or something. Her "embarrassing" moments were so cliche, and honestly, I did not laugh in any single one of them. And I knew (as most readers did, I guess) that her Diary would end eventually in the wrong hands. No surprises in that field either.

The romantic part of the book... what romance? I did not feel the romance at all. This one seemed also forced. Why did Jake fall for her? The only "real" moment the shared was when they were laughing together. And that´s it. Jake was another bland character, just nice and handsome. And nothing more.

The secundary characters. Well, at least two of them were OK. First is Mattie, Josie´s gay friend and stylist. To be honest, I wanted to read more about Mattie´s love life with the Driver than Josie´s "adventures". And Jennifer, one of the other Bridesmaid, was also nice. More real than the rest of the Bridesmaid at least. The other two: a country-girl who could not stop talking and a model who was a total bitch. Totally cliche.

And Josie has this supposed best friend, Calla, someone we do not even know nothing about. And all because Josie is such a selfish girl she does not even wonder why did she think she heard Calla cry in her bedroom? But as Josie is such a nice friend, she shrugs her shoulders and leaves, without knocking the door and ask her BEST FRIEND what was going on!.

Also, another thing that was very unreal. I get that Josie, as one of the Bridesmaid, is going to be kind of a celebrity. But seriously, E! giving every day a scoop about her? Like there are not another MILLION celebrities with more interesting stories? Who will pay A TON OF MONEY to get her Diary? The Diary of a nobody?

Anyway, despite all the negative aspects, there were a few good moments, and as I also liked Mattie and Jennifer, I give this book 2 stars. And I got it free on Amazon.