Underlying - Magalina Honestly, I was doubting whether to give this fanfic 3 or 4 stars. Mostly because of the end. But I like it, and I like the couple a lot, even if there were more yelling and punching than kissing and lovey-dovey.

Mark was most of the times a little jerk. He was always in bad mood, grumpy, tense, wanting to punch everybody, but especially Sandy. And Sandy was a nice guy. They were fighting all the time, and I mean hard, violent punches. With blood included.

Once Sandy (the first one to realize his feelings) starts to act more like a guy in love is when things start to get interesting, and almost cute. Like doing all these things to be near Mark, or making Mark to get more used to him.

It is a teenage romance. Nothing explicit, with some light drama. Seems is more "hate" than "love", specially from Mark´s side. The background characters are interesting and real: Mark´s siblings, Mark´s best friend John, Sandy´s friends Dana and the other... people that were aware of what was going on between Mark and Sandy before they have realized it.. and they did not even make a fuss over it.

I would have love to read more about Mark and Sandy as an official couple. But it would have been practically very un-Mark-ish to read romantic or hot scenes (he did not even confessed his feelings! Why Magalina, why?). At least they came out in front of their closest relatives and friends. The end was kind of abrupt. I hope Magalina comes to her senses and write more of this fanfic.