Youko x Boku SS (Youko x Boku SS #5)

Youko x Boku SS (Youko x Boku SS #5) - Cocoa Fujiwara Oh dear, what was the author thinking! I imagine how pissed I would have been if I did not know beforehand what was going to happen... Even knowing it before, I pretty much want to


Why did the mangaka decide to reincarnate everyone? And the Ririchiyo and Watanuki with no memories? And everyone so different? It was like, to have some progress in the story, and then boom! erase it all.

I cannot rate lower than 3, cuz even with all the negative aspects, the art is just breathtaking, and the characters were so fun to read. I only hope this was not the end. Miketsukami is, without any doubt, my favorite kemono (a new word that I learned today: human with animal aspects)