Always Joey

Always Joey - Adelhardt H. I always enjoy reading this kind of fanfic: coming of age, the gay who suffers a lot and the straight guy who falls in love with the gay boy.

Jimmy is a sweet outcast in school just because it is rumored that he is gay (ughhh how I hate prejudice against gay people). Among these jerks is Joey, who is forced to do a paper work with him. While meeting Jimmy at his house, and doing the work and spending time together, Joey realizes Jimmy is a kind, nice, misjudged boy, and they become friends. He also knows that Jimmy is actually in love with him but he does not care; he even encourages Jimmy in all the teasing and he enjoys their flirt.

The way Joey behaves -being friend with Jimmy, having a great time together, but ignoring him at school- is understandable at that age. He is a teenager after all, and he does not want to be teased by his friends because he is hanging out with a gay. And slowly, he falls too because Jimmy flirts a lot, and he is so cute.

The story is too short though. It is not too rush, but there are things that needed to be better developed. However, I liked this fanfic a lot, and their love made me go all "aaaaawwwww".