The Student Prince

The Student Prince - FayJay

Why am I done with this book? Why??? I wanted to continue reading it FOREVER! I may have to re-read it again after I finish writing this review, cause I still am not really done with it. And this is not even a real book, for Christ's sakes! It is a fanfic! After this and "Poison Apple", I am going to read only fanfics it seems... cause if they are as good as these two... WOW, and there are awful books out there that are published! Life is so unfair..

Where do I begin? It is harder for me to write a review about a book that I loved so much. It is easier to write a review about a book I despised... But here we go.

I loved Merlin. He is the main character, and absolutely adorable! The story takes place in UK, in an University. Merlin is a wizard who attends there, and he meets Gwen, who is instantly his best friend. When he gets to the Uni, he realizes his roommate is no other than Prince of Wales, Arthur, who is also a brat and the most handsome man in the whole universe. From the start they argue, when deep inside, Merlin has the hots for him. He also meets Morgana, Arthur's cousin, and they have all this rituals that look like so much fun in St. Andrews University.

So what is there to like about the fanfic?

- Where is takes place: in freaking UK! I love their parties and reunions, and everything! Imagine being there and having these wild parties where everybody is having fun, with loads of booze and fun traditions... yeah, this kind of party exists everywhere, but it looks more fun in UK. And their "vulgar" words don't sound so rude: "twat", "bugger", "shag"... they all sound nice, LOL.

- Merlin: he is sarcastic, nice, and just one of the most powerful wizards living, but he does not give much importance to that fact.. he is so humble!. He has a professor, Gaius, who is kind of Dumbledore, but even he is amazed by his power and abilities. In fact, Merlin kind of resemblances to Harry Potter.. their personalities are more or less alike, and even their appearances too.

- Allusions to Harry Potter: I laughed every time they mentioned something like 'Ten point to Gryffindor', or 'Move over Harry Potter'. They may not sound so funny here in this review but once you are reading it you realize the joke. And not only allusions to Harry Potter, but LOTR, The Princess Bride, Lady Gaga...

- The main couple: WOW, just WOW. Merlin and Arthur are one of the most "shaggable" couple I have ever read! Arthur's stares at Merlin made me have butterflies in the stomach.. they are that good. One of the things that I like most in a couple when I am reading a book is when they are arguing and fighting all the time, very comfortable in their own skin, and at the same time, when they cannot live without the other. Merlin and Arthur were totally crazy about each other. Even I could feel their sexual tension: it was unbelievable. My mouth went dry the first time they officially kissed. W-O-W. And I am not even mentioning their first 'unofficial' kiss. And we are talking about the Prince of Wales, who in this story is kind of arrogant and snobbish, when it turned out he was a jealous and possessive lover, and completely nuts, over our hero.

If this fanfic is inspired by the TV show 'Merlin', then Hell, I must watch it. If it is half as good as this fanfic I will be happy. But really, this should be published!

For now I am done with the review. I could continue pointing out the 'amazingness' of the story... and of the characters... and of EVERYTHING. But I can't wait to re-read it again.

EDIT: 14Nov2012: Two weeks have passed since I finished this wonderful, mind-blowing, extraordinary fanfic. I have re-read this a couple (or a dozen) of times, and I laugh and feel the same way when I read it the first time. I do not know if I have to adore Fayjay for this marvelous fanfic or curse her because I cannot stop being obsessed about this! and while reading other books, I have to stop for a moment to re-read this again. Now I am listening to the audiobook (also free for God's sake!), I have watched the first episode (and I intent to finish all of them), and I've read the complement chapter Fayjay wrote (2 years later). Please, please Fayjay, write more chapters about this amazing fanfic, pretty please with sugar on top. 5 stars is not enough, and believe me, I am very picky when it comes to rate 5 stars...