The Weaver Takes a Wife - Sheri Cobb South Light and clean romance, just how I like my Regencies novels. What I find original is that, it is not the Hero the one who has a grand title, or the heroine who has a low upbringing.

Ethan Brundy, a weaver who did not know his father and was raised by a rich trader, falls in love with Lady Helen the first moment he sees her. On the other hand, she looks at him with contempt because of this low breeding. But he has decided to marry her, and because he is rich and her father has a lot of debts, he gets what he wants.

Before consuming their marriage, he gives her a 6-month time to get used to him, and he makes a decision to make her fall in love with him. So he shows her what a great man is -what a true gentleman despite the lack of title- he is.

I have to confess I found his way of speak sometimes irritating, but also, that is one of his charms I suppose. ('ow are you, my dear 'elen?, is an example).

I took one star from the rating because I did not love the characters. Don't get me wrong, they were nice and everything, but I did not connect with them. They lacked that something to make them interesting. I liked Ethan better than Helen, but only slightly. Some of their actions made me roll my eyes (when she does not confide in him is one of them). And I took another star because I do not believe in all that love at first sight thing. Especially if Helen was so beautiful but not that agreeable (until she improves a bit because of 'love', of course).