The Best Intentions - Candice Hern I was misled by the good reviews once again. I was expecting more: more laughs, more sweetness. Taking that aside, it was a good regency novel.

I did not know this was the 2nd of a series, but thankfully it is not necessary to read the first one to read this. Hannah, the clumsy heroine, was likeable most of the times. She loves architecture, and to read books, and she is not interested in marriage and clothes and that kind of things. And I mean, she really isn't, not like other novels where heroines are like her but they quickly fall in love with the hero and they get instantly interested in looking nice. There is one scene where Hannah actually cries because she is clumsy. For that scene only I consider her not a Mary Sue.

Miles was an OK hero. What I liked most about him is that he loves his deceased wife for the entire book. He talks to her, he reminds her always, he looks after her daughters. And not because he becomes attached to another woman he forgets his wife. Thank you Author, for not making the hero remind with contempt his previous marriage or to forget his first wife.

Hannah's older sister, Charlotte, seemed like she was going to be the wicked one. At least, there we have a twist. Not because she is looking forward to marry our hero it means she is mean.

Miles' brother, on the other hand... If I were Rachel, I would have never forgive him. Men!

Another negative aspect: the age difference. 10 years is really not so much, but it is if the girl is just 19 (barely out of school) and if he has married before with 2 daughters. A 19-years-old with a 5-years-old daughter already! She should be going to parties and have fun instead of having to raise a girl so early in her life.

The end was very pink. I put this on my clean-romances shelf, although at the end there are some "steamy" kisses.