Must've Done Something Good

Must've Done Something Good - Cheryl Cory I got a free copy in exchange of a review. Gotta say, this e-book restored my faith in good "Pride and Prejudice" retellings. Most of the times, the Pride is more Jerkness; and the Prejudice is more Dumbness.

More than a retelling, the book focuses more in the experiences of Sylvie as a teacher. She quits her job at the beginning of the story because she made a promise to God to make something good in her life if He decided to make her and her sisters live (their airpline got caught in a turbulance and the chances to not make it were high). She gets a job as an English teacher in a school. The discussions they have, she and her students, are very nostalgics. Or the issues she has with them and their parents. Or when they have this excursion to the museum, and they had to be separated in two buses.

Basically, the book is a slice of life. Everything that happens is so normal, and that is why is so enjoyable to read. There are no dramas, only a tiny misunderstanding. The characters are all normal (only "Wickham" is the odious one). Sylvie has a wonderful relationship with her sisters; there were sometimes when I've read the book aloud to my own sister, because situations and thoughts were so similar to our own.

Two lines I loved in the book, because they are so true:

This is when I began to truly fear that despite what you read in Jane Austen or watch in old films, romantic gestures in general were simply a manĀ“s way of getting you naked.

I like to think that if I had the chance to go back now, with everything I've learned, I wouldn't act as stupidly as I did.

3 stars because towards the middle it drags a little bit. My attention was not as focused as in the beginning. And the misunderstanding gets resolved almost at the end, and all the lovey-dovey happens in 1 page.

Oh, and I got to watch "The Sound of Music". How come I did not yet?? And that is from someone that loves musicals...