Straight On Till Morning - FayJay Oh oh, look what I found finally on GR! The sequel of one of my favorites fanfics.

There is one reason only why this has 4 stars instead of 5, because I loved it! I've probably read it as many times as I've read "The Student Prince" (meaning, countless of times). And it is that it is waaaay too short. When I got to the end, I did not know if I had to hate FayJay for writing a sequel or to hate her passionately for making me suffer like this -I decided that I LOVE HER!

So it is a dialogue between Merlin and Arthur, in the middle of the Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012. And they are so cute and funny together. I love the mentions of everything that happened in the ceremony; but more than anything, I love that they are a couple officially! Awwww their happy ending...