The Band Geek's Dictionary - Ryette The first chapters were definitely my favorites. A Music Camp with cute band geeks, awww.

Cam is an adorable gay geek who is in love with his hot straight BFF, Travis. Not only Kame Cam is sweet and funny, but he is also kind of girly. He cries when he has nightmares and needs to cuddle (and Travis is just there willing to calm him down), and he is afraid of thunders. I love the first chapters because the band visits Disneyland and there is a lot of mentions of the attractions, like Space Mountain, Astro Blasters, Haunted Mansion. I swear I was grinning the whole time. And Travis and Cam are so cute together, tattooing each others names in their arms and pretending to be boyfriends. And the flashback of Cam confessing to Mia he was gay! Adorable.

The whole thing was very unrealistic, but because of that it was cute. Then Cam starts to date Parker. Usually I don't like a third guy in the story. It should focus only in Travis and Cam, right? But it was OK because Parker was nice and Cam did not have a chance with Travis. Only that the start of their relationship was MEH:

"Hi, I am gay"
"Hi, me too. Let's go and eat something"
"You are cute"
"You are cute too"
"Let's be boyfriends"

They barely spent 30 minutes together. Maybe I am just too old and this is normal nowadays **shrugs**

When Travis finds out he is also gay and that he is in love with his BFF, it is all smoochy and romantic... if it weren't for the simple fact that Cam had a boyfriend. I disapprove cheating on someone. And Parker was a really nice boy and he did not deserve it.

Taking aside the whole Parker thing, it was a very entertaining fanfic, and the definitions of band vocabulary was fun -the author certainly knows about it. And I just love when the "manlier" guy in the relationship likes to hold his boyfriend by his waist. Awwww <3