The Complete Walt Disney World 2011

The Complete Walt Disney World 2011 - Julie Neal, Mike Neal I visited Disney World in February. The most I researched were my hotel, fast food places near and Malls. I had some memories -after all, I've been there 10 years ago-, but as this is Disney, it was like going for the first time.

Obviously this guide has to be read before or during your stay in Disney World (unlike what I did). This guide has everything detailed. The photos are spectacular. Not only this book gives a rating of every place, but it also gives tips, prices and a brief description of each place and ride. And I am not talking about the parks only, but about the hotels, places to eat, other tours... When I was there, and saw that there was an ESPN complex, I was not even interested. Now that I have read this guide book, I regret I did not visit it.

So while reading this, I kept thinking "Why did I not do this?". That is the only negative aspect of the book. But it is definitely a must for tourists. And it is also a reminder for me to visit Disney again.. soon!