The Other Guy

The Other Guy - Cary Attwell Considering how much I am looking forward for a GOOD mm romance, I liked this book well enough. More than anything, I liked that Emory and Nate develop a great friendship. True, in their first days together in Thailand they already become lovers, but once they are back home, they spend a lot of time together, and their relationship is chastely sweet. That maybe be one of the negative aspects I found: overdose of sugar; it would not be bad if it had a bit of spice...

And if there gets a point when the MC exhausts the reader's patience... Emory is nice and cute... most of the times. But when he cannot make up his mind.. and when he broke Nate's heart... ughhh I wanted to throw my Kindle in despair.

Nate. His relationship with his parents was so sad. And then comes this guy and breaks his heart. But no worries! There is a HEA, thank you thank you!