From Notting Hill with Love...Actually

From Notting Hill with Love... Actually (Actually #1) - Ali McNamara It is a surprise because I have probably watched both movies a thousand of times. And I am always prepared for crying a little bit, especially in Notting Hill when the reporter asks Anna: "Anna, until when are you staying in England?" (or something similar). And she, looking straight into William's eyes, replies: "Indefinitely", and Elvis Costello's version of "She" starts playing. And I start sobbing.

So yes, I love Romantic Comedies. Basically all Hugh Grant's movies for that matter. And it is understandable that Scarlett is a movie-holic. Only that it was waaay over the top. Everything is related to films in her mind. I thought that the reader needs to know all the movies mentioned to enjoy the book; but I do, and I did not enjoy it. Because it lacks precisely that: Comedy and Romance. And has a lot of predictable moments. Sometimes it seemed like I was reading a bad fanfiction. I was not even curious to see if Scarlett chose Sean or David at the end. In fact, when I was about 30% of the book, I was tempted to put it on my abandoned-shelf. As it is not a terrible book -it is just not for me-, I finished it.

***The little test at the end was funny. I've never liked "Pretty Woman" that much, so I did not pass those questions, but the others, about Notting Hill and "Sleepless in Seattle" were easy**