Three Wishes

Three Wishes - Stephanie Bond I feel so guilty when I rate a free ebook like this. Writers are so happy to share their work with the readers, and happily there are a lot of good reviews here in GR. And then comes a reader (in this case, me) who rates like this.

It is not like it is terrible or boring. How can it, when it is an Aladdin's retelling? It is just that it lacks the magic that Aladdin has. And I mean magic in every way. The Genie is more creepy than magical; he is an old man who grants Ladden wishes in... errr... creepy ways.

Jasmine is not magical; she is rather bitchy actually. Ladden is crazy about her, and she finds a way to reject him and also attract him. While having a boyfriend. And I am against cheating, no matter how the other guy is (and Trey is not even a bad guy... and it is not just a kiss we are talking about).

Ladden and Jasmine's... errr... love, is not magical at all. It is more attraction than anything else. They barely know each other, despite being acquaintances for several years. There is no chemistry between them. No comfort, no camaraderie.

The rug is the only thing that I find similar to Aladdin, because it is also kind of "naughty", and it is magical enough. But the book is far for being a romantic comedy.