Switch Girl!!, Tome 2

Switch Girl!!, Tome 2 - Natsumi Aida Despite being a comedy shoujo, this volume was dramatic and more "josei". It should be rate 2 stars, but the funny parts were numerous, so I can't. But this will be the last one I read.

Nothing about the 'off' girl in this one, and Nike in off-mode is funnier and more original. On-mode Nika is more annoying. Besides she is already in love with Arata, which makes her even more annoying. And a new guy shows up, Masamune, who is a pervert but as he likes her, she has these mixed feelings about him.

I say this volume is more josei because Masamune tries to get into Nika's pants for most of the story; Arata is almost raped, and there are a bunch of boys who sleeps with every girl possible. Even Nika's rival was deceived.

Best part: where Nika was taking her exams. All her reactions are so familiar! I can bet everybody reacts that way when having an exam.