¡Yotsuba! Vol. 11 - Kiyohiko Azuma Hard to pick one favorite chapter between all of them. Should it be the one with the pizza (Yotsuba tasting pizza for the first time) or with the bubbles (Jumbo, Yanda, Yotsuba and her dad going to the park to play with the bubbles) or with the camera (Yotsuba getting her first camera, and taking pictures here and there) or the last one, with Duralumin, the Teddy Bear?

I have to confessed I cried a little bit (well, my eyes were watery anyway) in the last chapter. Duralumin was 'attacked' by a dog, so Yotsuba and her friends cleaned it up. Because the teddy went into the water, it could not talk anymore, and Yotsuba got so depressed! It was funny and a the same time, kind of sad to see her like that. Luckily she gets a HEA :)