Sixty Five Hours

Sixty Five Hours - N.R. Walker Brief description:

Lucas and Cameron have 65-hours to develop an incredible campaign for a sex-company. Lucas has always thought that Cameron, the boss's son, did not like him, but in these 65 hours, besides making a great campaign, Cameron comes out of the closet, which turns out to be like a dream to Lucas, who has a crush on him.

My review:

On one hand, I like the campaign, I could imagine the photos and the little interview Lucas did on the disco was good. Why not making a sex-campaign focused on gay couples besides the straight one? Another positive aspect is the sock's fetich Cameron has. Because it means something; that he wants to feel the real him underneath all the expensive clothes. I also liked that his coming out was not over-dramatized, because even if it was a secret, almost everybody knew. At least, everybody important for him, besides his father.

On the other hand, their relationship did not captivate me. It was not as sweet as the cover leads to. More attraction than love I'll say. The sex scenes are all in one chapter, I think. Multiple scenes. And the extra chapter (Cameron's father POV) was unnecessary. It did not add anything new to the story; we all understand that his father accepted him since he came out.

While I was reading the book, I kinda wished I was the editor. I would eliminate all the "fucking" words. It is not like it is used as a verb (which would have been acceptable); almost every paragraph has a sentence like "It was fucking awesome", "I was fucking tired", "he was fucking hot", or similar.