Nodame Cantabile Vol. 24

Nodame Cantabile Vol. 24 - Tomoko Ninomiya The joy of extra volumes! And the cherry on the cake is that Chiaki and Nodame are back in Japan, because Chiaki is going to conduct... The R*S Orchestra! Yayyy, so we have a lot of Mine and Masumi moments. Or better, Mine/Chiaki moments (Masumi/Chiaki not so much, sadly) The main couples are established: Chiaki/Nodame, Tanya/Kuroki, Mine/Kiyora...

Its amazing how much improved Chiaki as a human being. He is so different from the cold jerk he used to be at the beginning. And now is Nodame who is a step forward.

The extra volumes focus on Opera. Because the R*S Orchestra is experimenting with Opera (directed by Mine, thank you very much) there are a lot of more weirdos, but funny extra characters. Like this woman, Suganuma, who is hilarious. As far as I know, there are 4 more volumes; not translated, though.