Favorite - astolat Arthur/Merline may be my favorite fiction slash, although I have probably read a couple of fanfics only. They just belong together. Their personalities match perfectly. Arthur as the bossy, cocky guy, and Merlin as the dorky, lovely guy.

I like this fanfic a lot, too bad it was so short. Arthur is as bossy as always, and cannot keep this hands away from Merlin. So he makes Merlin his "favorite", his mistress. They are doing it all the time. But it is not a plot with porn; there is nothing very explicit, and there really isn't any plot.

The story is nice and enjoyable, but it does not explain why they suddenly are so horny for each other. It begins like that, and they wonder about it, but we never know what happened. Merlin uses his magic once only, to demonstrate Arthur he is a wizard, so there isn't really a lot of magic/fantasy here.