The Wallflower, Vol. 24 (The Wallflower, #24)

The Wallflower, Vol. 24 (The Wallflower, #24) - Tomoko Hayakawa Like the previous volume, this one had only one chapter worth of reading, one just good and two MEH. The two MEH were about -again- Sunako being possessed, this time by a cat. I guess I am getting a little tired of Sunako being possessed, and who has not a good time while this is happening? Of course, poor Kyouhei. He is always the victim, sometimes I wondered how he is not tired of the same thing going over and over again. The only possitive thing was that he acted kind of jealous when the Prince wanted to take Sunako away.

The so-so chapter: with the butler Sebastian. Not surprisingly, the butler is pure perfection, and the boys loved him. I liked that Sunako cried a few times because of him and his tenderness. It is always nice to see Sunako crying cuz she is not annoying, and her cries actually mean something.

The best chapter: the last one, where Sunako and Kyouhei were forced to attend a party with Auntie. Because Sunako lost, she had to pretend to be a lady, and Kyouhei had to pretend he was his boyfriend. The cute moment was when Auntie's rival and her daughter were getting mean and Kyouhei kissed Sunako, and defended her. AWWWW I love Kyouhei. He is totally the perfect guy for Sunako.

Too bad Sunako seems to take these littles awww moments as they never happened. Or when the boys and Noi-chi are rooting for them both and claiming they love each other and belong together, she is oblivious to what is going on. I suppose that is part of her charm, but sometimes I wish she were more... demonstrative...