The Wallflower, Vol. 23 (The Wallflower #23)

The Wallflower, Vol. 23 - Tomoko Hayakawa Christmas is getting near so reading a chapter about the holiday put me in the mood to celebrate

From 4 chapters, only one deserves 5 stars. The rest... MEH.

First, the one with the vampire. The only nice thing was that both Kyouhei and Sunako wanted to sacrifice themselves in behalf of the other (at least, it is up to the reader to believe that cuz everyone knows that Sunako is willing to be bitten by a vampire).

YAWN chapters: Yuki and his girlfriend (what! Yuki renting a hotel room for a night! Geez and he looks like an innocent 13-years-old); and Ranmaru and his issues with the ladies. Ughhh I would have liked to skip this chapter. It was disturbing, sexist and lame, but the thing is that there is always a tiny bit of Sunako-chan that I do not want to miss. But to remember in the future, in case I re-read the manga: to avoid chapter 94!

The last chapter... awwww sweet and funny. Among my favorites chibis in the whole manga are the ones from Kyouhei and Sunako as 'nerds': both of them wearing the big, thick glasses. Another thing they have in common: video-games. Of course they are very competitive and determined not to lose. But while playing, they forgot to study, and their Finals were close. So they locked themselves in an empty room. And they wanted so desperately to sleep that they slapped each other faces to keep the other one awake! -This made me realize I have to play a video-game sometime so I can understand gamers a little better.- In the end, they fell asleep into each others arms... how sweet is that? AND no nosebleed included...