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I Believe You Liar - soundczech

Are you there, Goddess of Fanfiction? It's me, Sakura Yue Michaelis.

Cuz no matter how much I beg, there are NONE AKAME fics in GR. Does that mean that there are NONE Akame fans here? I find it hard to believe... Why, OH WHY, isn't this slash as famous as, let's say, Sherlock/John? It has all the elements: a hot couple with great chemistry, an interesting world (entertainment) and a real history between them. To think that there are a lot of crappy fanfics/plot with porn which are popular! Ugh, the injustice... If I can make some people (at least a couple of people!) to read this fanfic/like AKAME/fall in love with Kame, then my mission in GR is done and I can die in peace.

They were so sweet together!

I've read a bunch of AK fanfics, most of them are just crab, but a few were amazing. Am I biased? Could be, because I love Kame with Jin. I love Kame, period. Anyway, this fanfic is one of my favorites. True fact: I've read it at least more than 20 times (except maybe for the 1st chapter). I read it every time I want to feel like singing . Or when I am feeling delusional after watching all their videos/pics/stares together... or after reading their interviews.

Why is so great? Because:

a) a couple of chapters may have happened
b) others, we AK fans wish it had happened
c) it is sweet, funny and has great characters

The story is this: Akanishi and Kame were best friends since they were in their earlier teens. Until one day, Kame got distant, and their friendship ended. Akanishi was very hurt, and eventually, he started to hate everything about Kame.

[True Fact: AK befriended since the moment they met. Akanishi has always been the popular one, and he took Kame "In his care". Who -fan- does not remember when Jin was worried about Kame when the latter fell from stage? Or how Jin defended Kame from the mean girls in a concert? They addressed each other as "Jin" and "Kazu-chan". Then something happened, and they became "Akanishi" and "Kamenashi"; they avoided being together in public].

They moved on with their lives. Akanishi left KAT-TUN, and Kame became a workaholic. They did not contact each other the years apart. While Akanishi kept hating Kame, and talking trash about him with his friends, Kame was suffering, because he has always been in love with Akanishi. But then, Johnny told them they had to be friends again, to help Akanishi's career.

[True Fact: Akanishi left the band to go solo. And Kame continued to be a workaholic, maybe even more because he had to replace Akanishi in the band. To be honest, I dislike Akanishi more than I like him. I could go on and one about all the things I despise about him, and all the things I love about Kame].

Most of the story is about the restart of their friendship, and eventually, how Jin (in the fanfic he is Jin; in real life; BAKAnishi) finds out he loves Kame more than a friend. Kame's side is heartbreaking because he loved Jin for many years, and he is certain his love is unrequited. And to see that he gets the love of his life, and how happy it makes him...

Even the "misunderstanding" -which really isn't- is so sweet. Awwww I love Jin in this fanfic. And the end! More sweetness. The graphics the author inserted were great.
Aww when I am feeling romantic, I want to believe that someday, Kame and Akanishi will befriend again and will be as they used to be, happier just being together, than they are now (this silly thought happens mostly when I am listening to "Someday For Somebody"). And whenever I am feeling more realistic, I am glad that they are apart, because Asskanishi is a jerk who does not deserve to breath the same air as Kame. As the song from The Stokes says "I see alone we stand, together we fall apart". That's their relationship.

Akame fans, where are you??