In his care

In his care - blue orbs

“You know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.” (Paul Sweeney)

This quote felt so true when I finished the fanfic today. I am still in mourning. I do not want to exaggerate and say it is the best fanfic I have ever read, but it is definitely in my Top 2. I have even considered to call in sick at work several times so I could stay home and read it all day long; it was so addictive! (EDIT 3 months later: it is the best fanfic I have ever read. I have re-read it 3 times so far, not to mention the more than a dozen of times I've re-read my favorites scenes)

My feelings during the whole story:

Do not let the length of the fanfic scare you: when I was in Chapter 10 I was already thinking "Oh dear, only 76 chapters left!". Or more like... only 1500 pages left!

Let´s introduce our two main characters, shall we?

Kamenashi Kazuya, a.k.a., Kame or Kame-chan:

- He goes into prison because of hacking government computers.
- He becames Jin´s "boy toy".
- Everyone in prison is after him, either to make him another´s person´s boy toy or to defeat Jin.
- He is the typical uke, meaning he is a virgin, caring, pretty naive -but not dumb-, blushes a lot, know how to cooks, wants justice in the world and is physically weaker than most.
- And, by looking at the pictures you can tell that: he is pretty, sweet, adorable, knows how to win everyone´s heart, and you just want to squeeze him and pinch his cute little cheeks.

Then, we have Akanishi Jin:

- He is the leader of the gang AT-TUN, and practically rules the prison.
- He is strong, a Playboy, a true player, very experienced in sex but not in love.
- He is the typical seme, meaning he is possessive, jealous, and totally crazy for Kame,
- He is cocky, full of confidence, likes to be the center of attention, he is sometimes a total baka, and despite all his faults, he is also adorable (just like the real Jin). My initial feelings toward him were just like my actual feelings for the real Jin: love/hate equally.

It is actually very difficult to describe this wonderful fanfic. I am totally crazy about this, just like Jin and Kame were for each other here. So I think that the best way to review it is to divide the story in 3 big arcs:

1. Prison. Where the most important things take place: a) it is where Kame becomes the boy toy. Now, I am not fond of yaois where the seme rapes the uke. Or stories where the raped one falls in love with his rapist. However, here the thing is A BIT different. Jin does force Kame to become his boy toy (damn you Jin! I hated him the first chapters... and he says he is against rape? And what was he doing to poor Kame???). Kame does not say "No", but he does not want to, and he is taken against his will. There is no violence or struggle. But also, Kame only accepts it because he has no other choice. He is weak, all the other boys are threatening him; and Jin is the leader. Poor Kame! I was suffering with him during these first chapters... b) here is where both of them fall in love. Blue_orbs managed to write the love story amazingly. It was not rushed, and it was actually sweet, real and hot. Loads of "Awww tell him how you feel!" moments. And lastly, it is where we meet all the important characters.

My feelings thru all this arc. Loads of smexy scenes

Here is where the author showed her wit. I only knew KAT-TUN very well before I've read this fanfic. I watch their TV show Cartoon, so I recognize all allusions about them. And I was also familiar with people like Matsumoto Jun, Yamapi, and doramas/animes like Hana Yori Dango, Prince of Tennis, Gokusen, One Pound Gospel.

This author included all the band boys of Johnny Entertainment. And they are a lot: NewS, Kanjani8, Tackey & Tsubasa, Arashi, you name it. At the beginning I was a little confused, cuz there were many names, but blue_orbs knew how to give personality to each one of them, and now I am familiar with most of them, just face-less.

Also, the little things that only fans will understand. I am sure that once I know all the real life Johnnys I will appreciate this fanfic even more, but I am happy to say that I enjoyed at least KAT-TUN allusions (if you are not familiar with them, please google Jin+collarbones; this video alone will win your heart)

2. Post-Prison: Korea.


The author made me suffer a lot in this arc

I will not go into much details. I will only say that this arc was so angsty! Both Kame and Jin went through so many things here. First, I was like this:

Please let him know how you feel!?

After prison there are still "awwww" moments. Kame in college was lovely, and the addition of Shirota. Jin as possessive and jealous... I loved it. Then they go to Korea. Oh My... They were different from what they were in prison. But eventually, I started to understand them, especially Kame, whom I wanted to shake the most at first. And then, I just wanted to comfort him and sulk. So, I became more like this..

This is so sad and painful!

3. Revenge against Johnny Kitagawa. Japan

This man is the owner of the prison, and everyone hates him. Again, I will not go into details to avoid spoilers, but I will say that this arc was more similar with the first one: more chasing, less angsty, more action and more involvement of the gangs, and my favorite couple almost back to what they were. There were moments were I was losing my faith in Kame, but Jin NEVER doubts him. Could he be more in love?

Besides these two beautiful boys, my favorite character in the fanfic was this guy:

Tomohisa Yamashita, a.k.a Yamapi: He is Jin´s best friend in real-life (or at least, he used to be) and in the fanfic. In prison, he is Jin´s rival, and he loves to tease Kame. Kame even fears him a bit, cuz Yamapi is always trying to get into his pants. Outside of prison, he is the shrink of the couple. His scenes with Jin are truly amazing, and his advices... I loved them.

Let me tell you that this is the World of Yaoi. Hundreds of pretty boys and no girls whatsoever; at least, no girls with important roles, just mere shadows. Almost everyone is in love with other boy. And it is not only about Jin and Kame´s love story; there are others too, like Yamapi and Toma, Gackt and Masa, the KinKi Kids, and other Korean guys (because yes, blue_orbs also included Korean boy bands)

I learned a lot with this fanfic, about J and K pop culture, and about errr, boys love (there were times where I was thinking "Oh, is this possible between two guys?" or "I did not know this could be done". Yeah, pretty naive). I met so many wonderful characters. There are short books that in reality, feel like the longest book ever, and also, long books that feel too short, like in this case. It may be 2600 pages long, but to me, it felt muuuuch shorter.

The end was bittersweet. I actually cried, not because it ends bad, but because it ends.

Songs I will always relate to this fanfic: "Precious One" by KAT-TUN, and "Kizuna" by Kame.

And don´t they look so cute together? I am afraid I became a fangirl...