Gokusen 15

Gokusen 15 - Kozueko Morimoto **sighs** I hate to read the last Volume of a really, really good manga. It is like I have to say goodbye to a good friend or something.

In this Volume, the lawyer asks Yankumi to go with him to Hokkaido. I admit it, he was good-looking, manly, but he was... boring. He did not deserve Yankumi, and he never really liked her anyway.

Shin finally confesses his feelings. It started when he and Yankumi were in a festival. It has some pretty WOW moments... Shin romantic? So forward? Hard to imagine, but he finally did it! His efforts were not in vain, he gets Yankumi's heart eventually, and it is really sweet.

The extra chapters were beautiful too, funny and one of them, moving (where the ex-students showed up to help Yankumi against a gang). So hilarious when they had to witness Yankumi's and Shin's first kiss; or when Yankumi confesses her feelings.. awww I am going to miss them! a lot..

Thankfully, I have the anime and the dorama, which I intent to watch ASAP.