Gokusen 4

Gokusen 4 - Kozueko Morimoto In this volume Shin tastes a little bit of the Yakuza world, guided by Kyou, who drags him to a Gambling House and a "Spa", to teach him to be with women. This was my favorite chapter in Vol. 4.

So it happened. Yankumi cries a little bit, cuz the guy she likes was OK with her going to an Oami. But, unlike shoujos or josei where the main character whines or cries for something dumb, here was understandable; and it was not like she admitted she cried. She is very similar with my favorite manga character, Sunako-chan from The Wallflower in that aspect.

She also "tames" a giant beast, a huge man with the face of a killer but who actually has a good heart. Slowly she is winning everybody´s heart, not by being "I´m-happy-with-life-and-nice-with-everyone" attitude, but because she is fair and strong and kind.