Gokusen 3

Gokusen 3 - Kozueko Morimoto There are characters that are getting more interesting, like the Principal, and the other female teacher at school, meaning they are not what everybody think they are.

I am starting to like more Shin. He is the pretty, tough, serious and cool student who is interested in Yankumi. Usually I am not a fan of student/teacher romantic relationship, especially if the girl is older than the guy. But Shin is mature, and means well, and the chemistry between him and Yankumi is great.

His friend Kuma, who looks like a total gangster but is actually a nice big boy, almost found also out that Yankumi comes from a Yakuza. That scene was very funny, when the gangster were trying to disguise this fact; only that Shin did not believe any of their acts.

I liked the scene where Kyou, Yankumi's 'big brother', teaches her how to fight, for sentimental reasons.