Gokusen 1

Gokusen 1 - Kozueko Morimoto

I have to admit it... I am obsessed with KAT-TUN lately, and I am dying to watch the dorama starring my beautiful Kame and Akanishi. Main reason why I started reading this manga. (2nd reason: the fanfic I am currently reading has a lot of Gokusen's allusions)

I am glad. I did not have much luck in the josei genre, but this one is excellent. Funny, with plenty of action, and a charismatic and tough main character, Kumiko. The art reminds me of the MTV show Daria (another great character!). Kumiko is strong (as expected from a Granddaughter of the leader of a Yakuza).




It has become one of my favorite mangas. Every one in a while I have to re-read it. Shinkumi is one of the cutest couple (I just can't accept that MatsuJun played as Shin). The anime was very good (not enough Shinkumi, though), I jumped directly from Season 1 to 2 on the dorama (I blame Kame!) and I watched the movie, which was OK.