Koishi: GateKeepers Series, Book 1 (GateKeeprs)

Koishi - Annie Nicholas Although I tend to avoid books with this kind of cover (a half or completely naked man on it) what lead me to read it was the name, Koishi. Just that, the name. And I am glad that it was fun and not a waste.

To begin with the good points, the male MC is a Japanese hottie. Who is also a dragon-shifter and has a fun sense of humor. Besides, I've been dying to read an inter-racial romance, preferably Japanese guy/Caucasian girl, which this suited perfectly. Sandra travels to Japan to get a magical spoon for her dying little sister from the Dragon Ishi, and in the meantime, meets Koishi, and eventually, she learns he is actually the dragon.

Besides, there is a kind goblin (Koishi's "pet") and battles against dwarves. The book is short -not too short to be considered a novella, but everything happens in about 2 days. The misunderstandings are quickly cleared up, and the supposed villain is actually nice.