One-Pound Gospel, Volume 2 (2nd Edition)

One-Pound Gospel, Vol. 2 - Rumiko Takahashi I like this manga a lot, but not so much to become a fan, so it is actually 3.5 stars. At least, when I am reading it, I don't get distracted with other stuffs, so it means that it is very entertaining.

Kosaku is a very likeable character, and his struggle with the food is understandable. Poor guy! And he is in love with a nun. At least he enjoys fighting a lot.

Funny and creepy when he was dealing with Sister Angela's rejection, eating and crying. I remembered this image from the dorama, although I did not watch it yet.


And seeing how cute he is 'in real life', I cannot help to like him even more. I mean, just look at this face, It shouts 'kawaii'.