Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma

This book...

Jeez, I knew what I was getting into the moment I put this on my TBR shelf. I knew that I would be devastated with this story. So why did I read it? It was obvious this would not have a HEA ending. And I am not comfortable with the incest. It is a taboo I did not learn to accept or understand. But this story is so well written, and Maya and Lochan' narration make this crime be nothing more than an impossible love.

That's just what other people think; it's their problem, their stupid rules, their prejudices. They're the ones who are wrong, narrow-minded, cruel...

The incest is something that I have always considered so wrong, so twisted. While I was reading this book, I did not feel disgusted at all. All I could feel was sorrow. Their love is just so well narrated and explained from both POV. That is another thing I loved about this book: it alternates between Lochan's POV (I could not read "Lochan", I've read "Logan" all the time) and Maya's POV. And each one was wonderfully written. You can feel their pain, their love, their ache to be together. They were more than siblings; they were soul mates, the best of friends.

In many ways, their story is similar to Cathy and Chris from "Flowers in the Attic": they were abandoned by their father; their mother is a crazy selfish bitch who is more interested in finding another man than in her children; they became the parents of their little siblings and because of that, they had to mature before. I could even see the resemblance between Kit and Cathy's son Bart: full of resentment and hatred towards Lochan/Chris.

I wanted to throw my Kindle against the wall when I finished it. Right now all I want to do is avoid reading for a long time, eat chocolates and be miserable.