THE AKIBA―A Manga Guide to Akihabar

The Akiba: A Manga Guide to Akihabara - Jpt Staff, Jpt Staff This is an excellent guide for a visit to Akihabara. It shows not only the electronic stores, but toys stores, maid cafes and bookstores as well. Because my country is so small, and our stores have, like, 5 to 10 different patterns of a certain object, I was overwhelmed with all the stuffs they sell. For example, thousands of cosplay; thousands of toys; thousands of instant ramen, etc.

The manga was fun; on of the characters is so similar to one of the Japanese comedians. The background are real pictures, so it is like taking a walk through Akiba. I started to read the manga from right to left, but it has to be read like western books.

I ordered this book online. I was a bit disappointed when it arrived because it was very, very short. 96 pages long. However, the information is clear and concise. It is excellent not only for otakus, but for anyone interested in Japan.