Summer Campaign - Carla Kelly

Warning: There may be an overuse of the word love in this review.

I loved this book. Love it, love it, love it. Who am I kidding? I love this author. It may be only the 2nd Carla Kelly book I read, but both of them were amazing. I tend to read Regencies that are sweet, funny (funny characters, funny plots) with some misunderstandings and of course, the HEA. Some authors try to insert a sad/tumultuous past for the hero/heroine: he was abused as a child, she is poor, etc. Stories that make you think "oh, poor guy.. poor girl" and that's it. Not in Carla Kelly's books.

Both MC had such a heartbreaking past. I loved both of them. First, Major Jack Beresford. He has been in the war, so he witnessed terrible things. Awww, when he tells Onyx his story. . Did that make him a miserable man? Or a cold-heart one? Not even close. He was sweet, nice to all people and sometimes, a funny tease.

Then, Miss Onyx Hamilton. Such a nice girl! I loved her. Her family was awful, but the worst was that disgusting Reverend Littletree. I wanted to kick his ugly butt all the time. for making these comments to Onyx. She had such a low self-esteem.

When they pretended they were married was so sweet. Jack calling Onyx "Mrs. Beresford" or just "Onyx B." was super sweet , as well as the invented little Ned. Aww, I wanted to go inside the book and hug both of them . I absolutely love the nickname and the instant friendship between them

The end is the only thing I did not love. Better said, I did not like Lady Bagshott and her excuse or story or whatever. But the book has a HEA, and I love to imagine that Onyx, not only finally buys her dresses without worrying about the price and she gets her piano, but that she also gets a home and a family. That Jack finally has someone who is there when he has nightmares. That Alice returns to keep company to Emmy.

Make sure to have some tissues in handy before starting. It is a very lovely book.