Gokusen 9

Gokusen 9 - Kozueko Morimoto, Maria Fransiska Girls at the Shirokin High School! Which means fights and competition between the boys. And trying to disguise the fact that they are violent, when this gang tries to fight. But Yankumi cannot avoid her impulses and kicks some butts. Getting several enemies in the way...

Although Shin is kind of gloomy he is starting to grow on me. He does the unthinkable things just to be with Yankumi, or to win her heart. It was a WOW moment to see him in that fundoshi cloth!

Usually the extra chapters in a manga are a little tedious to me, or just MEH. In this case, however, the dog made me laugh so much! He is very funny, his conversation with Shin, OMG, genius. So the extra 2 chapters, an absolutely 5 stars.