Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell It was darker than I thought. The cover + the title suggest a comedy chick lit. Cath is kind of screwed up. Her father is screwed up. Her twin sister is starting to live like a teenager, and at the same time, to behave like a bitch. Her mother left them. Luckily for her, she meets Reagan and Levi, two sympathetic new friends. And of course, she has Simon and Baz.


- If you are a fangirl, you will identify with Cath. I know I did. Hey, I am a proud shipper, thank you very much! (proud as Sakura Yue... in real life, I would be like "shipper? What's that?" **sighs** fangirls are considered pervs, that's the truth, so we need to hide). So yeah, I also read/write/dream fanfiction 24/7.

- We have the pleasure of reading a bit of the fanfiction, "Carry On, Simon". Which leads to the...


- I was more interested in Simon/Baz story, TBH, than in Cath and her life. Both Simon/Baz stories: The real one and the slash one equally.

- It's obvious that Simon/Baz are Harry/Draco. The magical world, Insidious Humdrum is Voldemort, both of them are sworn nemesis... There is even a mention of Simon being obsessed about Baz and following him around school because he is sure Baz is up to something (Half-Blood Prince, anyone?).

Lord, help me. I may have to read a Drarry fanfic and see what this is all about...