Waves Break My Fall - Kendall McKenna

I can say it was a good book because I actually felt some chemistry between the leads, and because I didn't feel like, when Kage came out to his family, it was forced. I liked how his family accepted him, with open arms, without being a cheesy scene; it felt quite realistic.


The beginning, though, almost made me drop it, but since it is such a short book, I decided to finish it. The reason was because, on the night they meet, Kage and Zach hook up on the beach. Not ALL THE WAY, but I hate hook ups in my (MM) romances, more now since I am in the mood for an actual ROMANCE. At least, both of them develop a quick crush, there are no third wheels and in the whole, it was super hot.


As far as I know, the original story ended there. My copy was the extended one, where Kage and Zach decide to stick together and they go together to California and then, live together.


My advice would have been, to not continue the story if the author was going to be so vague about everything. First, it seemed like there was something else behind Zach's story, about his scare of being a bottom, and what about his former dates that treated him like he needed protection? It seemed like something was going to be developed long those lines, but nope, nothing. They had sex and that's it. Zach actually didn't have any issues nor a traumatic story about anything.


Then it seemed like the author was going to go along the lines of bdsm. Something about Kage liking to dominate and Zach to be submissive. They had a hot moment of bdsm(ish) and then, nothing.


Once they come to California, Zach's bff Ashley and Matt were nowhere to be seen. Why give them such an important role (it seemed) in the first half, to make them disappear in the second half?


In the first part Kage has some issues about being an Marine and having witnessed and experienced terrible things in Irak. Such as being in the crowd, sleeping at night, etc. Then, in the 2nd half (and after 3 months have passed, out of nowhere) he is having mental letdowns, needing all the help he could need, being violent, getting drunk, being impotent, etc. And Zach being understanding, supportive, etc. I don't know, it was a total "wait, what happened? did I miss something?" thing. I know marines/soldiers have a difficult time, etc, but to put it on the story after having a mild problem in the first part of the story didn't help. I almost wished Zach quit on them, get help for Kage and get the hell out of their apartment.


The final "sexy" time was sad and nothing sexy at all. I wish the author didn't write the 2nd half if she was going to be "3 months later they were living together; 2 months later Kage was a big mess, and a year later, Kage was recovering and having sex with Zach for the first time over a year".


Overall, beach time: good, enjoyable. California time: MEH, please skip this.