Haru x Kiyo - Akira Ozaki

I didn't like the story that much the first 2 chapters. The artwork, on the other hand, is beautiful, it reminded me a little bit of "Kuragehime" since the MC hides behind her bangs, similar to Mayaya. I didn't like it because 1) I saw no chemistry between the leads; 2) the bullying was meh, I didn't feel sorry for the girl and I thought the reason of the bullying was ridiculous (her height, meaning she "is a monster"... meh); 3) the boy was MEH, being a tsundere wasn't appealing, he wasn't a little bit charming, etc; 4) the girl's first bf (if we can call it bf, since they didn't even hang out) was ridiculous how it began and ended, was that supposed to be her first big heartbreak?; and 5) I admit it, I was expecting something like Lovely Complex (difference in height) and I got nothing at all, not the friendship, not the bickering, not the awesome friends and rivals, etc.

But it gets better starting from chapter 3. Better and cuter. I still don't care much about the leads, but I like that they start as friends and don't develop romantic feelings out of nowhere. I like that the girl (Haru, I think) likes the boy because he is cute but doesn't fall stupidly in love with him. She just likes him, she finds him cute and cares for him without being an annoying shoujo heroine. And I like that it is him (Kiyo, I guess) who likes her-likes her first. Like it is not just a crush, but an actually "like" since they get to know each other and spend a lot of time together without meaning to.

Thumbs up for the last chapters; the first 2 are not that appealing but it gets better.


Read till Vol. 3