Learning How to Lose, in Six Easy Steps. Step Five: Love / Step Six: All the Rest - Alex Gabriel

This has to be one of my favorite MM series. I love it, so much that I forced myself to read like, a chapter per day so I couldn't finish it ^_^ I love the pain our boys went thru in the first couple of chapters... both Hiro and Ryuu loved each other so much, but because of Ryuu being an ass (treating Hiro like he wasn't important in front of others), they had this misunderstanding and are apart for weeks. In the process, both of them are unhappy, until finally Ryuu understands everything... that he is the one to blame in the relationship and fights to get Hiro back.

Once they are back it is all lovey-dovey (without being sappy) and friendship (communication!). I teared up a little bit when they are laying in bed, talking. It was so sweet... Ryuu changed for better because he loved Hiro so much and only because he was so clueless he wasn't aware that he was hurting Hiro. But once he sees that he wasn't treasuring Hiro like he deserved it, he did all the could (like not hiding anymore he and Hiro were friends; like putting Hiro above everything; like talking to Hiro -really talking to him) to make Hiro happy <3

There were times where they were talking and it was like it was in a secret code, that only they both understood. I love this kind of stuff in romance book <3

In spite of liking it a lot, i don't think this is a series for everyone. First, there are a lot of scenes about their dorama, Ryuu-Akiyama and Hiro-Yuri (although their recreation of the "after" was ). Secondly, after they get back together, it is mostly little things like having parties, being in TV shows, blogs from magazine, having a date, etc. Mundane things that for some may be redundant, but I loved it and were just a reinforcement to make us reader see how close they were, how much they loved each other, how strong their bond was. And besides, most of it was just like real J-Pop <3

One of my new favorite couples: Ryuu and Hiro